Halloumi is a wonderful fresh cheese product with Mediterranean origins, originally made from sheep milk but nowadays mainly commercially made from cow’s milk. It is a semi-hard, unripened cheese, sometimes matured in brine. It has a high melting point that makes it a highly versatile and totally scrumptious grilling cheese. It is perfect for light summer meals and adding to winter Mediterranean stews.

In Cyprus the home of sheep milk halloumi it is made into circles, mint is added and then it is folded over into crescents, then grilled, until it caramelises on the outside. It is sheer heaven.  Halloumi holds it shape when it is cooked and has a squeak when cut with a knife or with your teeth!

In Western countries it tends to come in rectangular block so you can cut it into manageable slices for cooking. It is easy and quick to cook – about 3 minutes!

Our Halloumi is an artisan product made on farm from fresh milk, and vegetarian rennet so it can be eaten by vegetarians. It is packaged into 150g packets.

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