Our Sheep.


We have 200 Awassi- East Friesian cross ewes. They are incredibly fertile producing big litters of lambs and They are great mums.

Unlike many milk systems, we do not milk our ewes when they are pregnant so no pregnancy hormones end up in milk and subsequent products. We do not euthanize our lambs or remove them close to birth to artificially rear them unless it is essential. All the lambs stay on their mothers until they are big enough to be weaned. They are given lamb muesli while still suckling to help them develop a strong digestive system for post- weaning life. This means that at the beginning of the season we cannot maximise milk production for processing but we have the satisfaction of letting both ewes and lambs express their natural behaviours, we produce great lambs and it minimises all the management hassles of artificial rearing (extra labour, lamb health issues and quality challenges).

Our goal is to produce a black sheep flock. Not only do they look beautiful but the dark colour gives them protection against the bright Canterbury sunlight which can be a challenge for very pink/ white faced sheep. As with previous years, this season we have a number of pure white lambs, pure black lambs, multi-coloured lambs and polka dot lambs. Some ewes produce a mixture of black and white lambs!

If you are interested in purchasing any of our lambs, contact us on our contact button at the bottom of the page.